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Thread: Diving with Asthma

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    Diving with Asthma

    Hey Guys,

    Does anyone know of any equipment or advice that I could pass onto my brother about diving with asthma.

    The doctors have said it's fine for him to do so and he has always wanted to do it but the only thing holding him back is the himself.

    Do you have any advice I can give to him for when he decides to give it a try?

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    This is a subject that's been discussed a few times here, do a simple search for asthma and you should come up with some good responses. Divers Alert Network ( DAN: DAN: Divers Alert Network - Scuba Diving and Dive Safety Association ) has a lot of good information as well.

    Personally, I am one to say that he needs to approach it with great caution as there is a risk of barotrauma / pulmonary embolism should he have an "attack" while at depth. Contrary to what common belief, asthma is not a problem getting air in...well it is, but that is the easy part of it, the harder part is getting the air out. Having an onset of symptoms while diving can have a disasterous effect when surfacing.

    If his asthma is under control and by that I mean that he has not had any signs or sumptoms for at least a year and is very, VERU well controoled iwth medications or had juvinile asthma and has outgrown it, then he is probably safe to dive. But don't take the word of some guy you just met that lives on the other side of the pond, have him see a physcian - preferably a pulmonologist - that is well aquainted with dive medicine and the added risks therein.

    A few articles:
    Divers Alert Network

    DAN | Medical Frequently Asked Questions

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    Thanks, I'll have a look and get him to talk to his doctor.

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    There are different types of Asthma. My son is certified but he has allergy induced asthma, which means if it is under-control the clean air in the tank won't cause a allergy attack. Good luck
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