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Thread: Is Rangiroa too advanced for a less experienced Open Water diver?

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    Is Rangiroa too advanced for a less experienced Open Water diver?

    My wife and I are planning a trip in September to Tahiti. We are definitely staying in Bora Bora but trying to decide between Rangiroa or Moorea. I hear that the diving on Rangiroa is spectacular but also more suited for advanced divers because of drift diving and deep water (Although the dive companies I see online say most of the dives are OK for all levels).

    Has anyone dove in Rangiroa? Is it suitable for all levels or are we better suited (based on lack of experience) for Moorea?

    Background: My wife is actually the better diver of us two. She's a Rescue Diver and has many dives under her belt. I've been a certified Open Water diver for about 6 years now but I don't dive too often. We live in So Cal but have dove in U.S. Virgin Islands and the Bahamas (generally 40' depths). I have buoyancy control issues that I'm working on and usually take FOREVER to equalize my left ear.

    Thanks for your help!!

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    When is the last time you dove and where was it? How many dives do you have?

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    About one year ago in Catalina. My first dive was not good as my left ear took forever to clear, the visibility was not good, and I got a little claustrophobic in my 7mm wet suit. I sat out the second dive. But did the 3rd at a depth of about 35' to work on my buoyancy. The 3rd dive was fine. My wife is VERY patient!

    We also discussed this morning going back to Catalina soon to do some more dives to work on some of these issues. I agree.

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    So you have 2 dives. I would not recommend Rangiro.
    --Zeagle Eagle

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    I misread the question. I was only referring to last year's Catalina trip.

    I have about 15 dives...that includes mostly Catalina, but also 2 in the Virgin islands and 2 in the Bahamas (a shark dive).

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    Rangiroa is the largest atoll in the area. There are two passes where they drop you from a Zodiac boat outside the atoll and you drift in the lagoon. It is a VERY fast drift dive. You should have experience drift diving in at least 2 knot currents. You should also be comfortable in blue water diving (no reference or anchor line to maintain depth control).

    This is what people go to Rangiroa for. However, as the largest atoll on the area there are places around the lagoon which are not the two passes. If you have a shop which says they will take you else where you should be fine.

    Just saw your post at 1942h. With 15 dives you might not have the control or comfort level for most the places in Rangiroa.
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    Thanks for the info scubadiver888, I appreciate it.

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    When I was there a few years ago I dove with Top dive. They split the group in advanced and newer divers. Rangiroa-Tiputa pass has some of the strongest currents I have ever encountered much stronger than Raja Ampat or Palau. One dive day I think we encountered 8+ knots but it is a drift dive and you fly through with everthing from Rays, Sharks etc. Spectacular diving....lots of Dolphins and a good chance for a close encounter with one.

    Also look at Fakarava great diving!....Tahiti is mostly big stuff but one of my favorite dive spots I've been prepared for $5 sodas expensive there!

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