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Thread: Question on Nitrox

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    That is a tragedy, and your right there are more divers that don't share their medical history with others. I am assuming it's because and very likely most dives will not want to be their buddy. I know this all to well actually but it's part of it. I am probably and I know everyone will disagree with me is once I get 100 or so dives, I will be getting my solo diving certify because then I won't have to worry if someone wants to be my buddy or not. That way I won't have to hear the negativity from divers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diesel00 View Post
    I find this post very offensive to me. I am wondering are you a Medical Doctor...

    1. I have 65 log dives and without an incident. Some deeper dives, mostly between 20 and 50 feet.
    2. Everyone of my dive buddies knows my medical history.
    3. My family doctor gave me the physical with an EEG and everything came back find.
    4. I don't really go on dive boats because most people look at me physically and don't want to dive with me.
    5. No one has to dive with me.
    6. I spend allot of time researching things with diving and going to doctors before I try anything when it comes to gases. As you can see with this thread.
    7. I know what my limits are in and out of the water.
    8. Before I used nitrox at deeper depth I will be seeing a Hyperbearic Doctor here in West Palm Beach

    And for one to say anything that someone else shouldn't be doing something because of physical problems is something I am very used to.

    Epilepsy and recreational scuba diving: - PubMed Mobile

    I haven't been seizure free for 5 years but in the US they let you drive after seizure free for only 6 months. I have been seizure free for 2 1/2 yrs
    OMG!!! bigman has re-invented himself!!!!...and let me guess, the doctor you went to was just your regular doctor, who more than likely has NO training in diving related fitness/injury, but 'cleared' you to dive(love hearing that one over & over, 'cleared' to dive...if YOU have ANY question re YOUR fitness to dive, you probably AREN'T fit to dive,getting a reassuring "you're fine" won't help you)despite your admitted (scary & dangerous) medical history & physical condition....
    if it has tires or testicles, eventually it is going to give you trouble

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    For one it was my Neurologist I went to see, since you asked so nicely. I didn't come on this website to get permission from anyone, I came to get some knowledge and questions answer. Also if padi is ok with the Neurologist that I went to see then so should you. How would anyone whose never meant me know fit enough. I never asked that question at all. I asked about oxygen toxicity and where to get info on weather it could cause a seizures or not. Nothing else at all. If you think I'm like bigman or whoever that is, than that's fine. I shouldn't have to defend myself to you or anyone about my medical history. You have no right to judge me in any aspect of my life as I don't judge you. I put my medical history out there for people to be aware of my situation.

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