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Thread: Valcour Island - Lake Champlain

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    Valcour Island - Lake Champlain

    Has anyone dove here. If so - what's the vis like?

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    Holy cow! Now I've never been diving there, but as a kid, every summer we went up to plattsburg, and stayed at a cabin right across from Valcour Island. My father was from Port Kent originally and worked on the ferry boats... My uncle had a chevy dealership in Keesville, my cousin owns a golf course up there. Been fishing all around Valcour, and back then (40 years ago) it seemed really clear and nice.

    Lot's of wrecks up there, and I know a lot of cannon balls got pulled out of the south side of the island, where they shot at that tiny little island off the tip one night thinking it was a ship...

    I may have to head there and do a dive one day just so I can say I did.... Just to add an underwater element to all the stories my dad used to tell my about Lake Champlain and Valcour Island... (Beware of Champ though!!)

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    Really cool. Must have been fun as a kid. I read about the battle and have the oportunity to spend 6 days up there diving 3rd week in July. The island and surrounding water now belongs to the state so no touching anything found. I'm not sure if it's worth it because every UW picture I find looks like it was taken in pea soup. I could take my 12' boat up to get me and my gear to the island and camp there over the 6 days. I doubt I'll go unless I find out the vis is reasonable.

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