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Thread: How is the diving off Jekyll island?

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    How is the diving off Jekyll island?

    I'm from the Atlanta area & going on a family vacation next week to Jekyll island in GA. I am certified with about 30-40 dives. Really only go about once per year and rent all my equipment. This is probably the best time I can go so I found an outfit that does dive trips off the coast here. 3 tank dive trip and last all day.

    I usually go to gulf coast area, but I have also gone diving in Charleston, SC. I haven't fully signed up for this one and just wondering how good it will be since its the Atlantic. Will Jekyll island be about the same as Charleston. They told me its a 3 tank dive and I take it cause they have to go out much further (like Charleston) so try to maximize your trip (as well as lower their cost). I realize since I'm from the Atlanta area, can't be too picky, but just wondering.

    Any thoughts?

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    I usually do scuba diving in Kentucky as i am the residence of Florence. I have taken scuba classes from scuba shack. They are the best trainers in the region. They have different packages for the different levels and available in many time slots.

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