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Thread: Dive gear

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    Dive gear

    Thinking about getting certified me my wife and 12 year old son. Dont want to spend alot of money getting the mask fins and snorkel to start out, not sure if the family will stick with it. So does anyone know of a good package for around 60 to 100 dollars to start out with thats not going to fall aprat after a few dives. Thanks.

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    ScubaToys has several packages. I would suggest looking at their website and then even calling them and they can usually put together a package very reasonable. They will work with you.

    Another option would be stop by your local Dive Shop. You could probably get a fairly good deal and maybe even borrow some gear from a local diver to get you through and then if they "stick it out" check into better/personal gear.


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    Even a cheap set of MFS will be less than $100 each.
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