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Thread: Suggestions on the Dive Groups

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    Suggestions on the Dive Groups

    I have a suggestion about the Dive Spot groups. You need to have a group called "Mexico". The reason being there really isn't a place for posts about the diving on the Pacific side of Mexico. You could move the Cozumel sub group there. Mexico isn't just the Caribbean and it's not part of Central America.

    Another suggestion for the Dive Spot groups would be to rename the South Pacific to Pacific Islands. It would just be more emcompassing that way since in reality many of the islands are north of the equator. Should I put the Galapagos in the South Pacific. I've never dove in Brazil is there a group for South America?

    Anyway I guess since there is no place for me to post my trip report about the Sea of Cortez in the Dive Sport groups I'll put it in the trips and travel group.
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    Palau is not in the South Pacific either.
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