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Thread: New Texas Divers, looking to meet other Texas Divers

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    fort worth texas
    That sounds good I'll let you know when I get certified and we can maybe look into diving together

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    Just let me know.

    Personally I enjoyed my CSSP OW dives a lot more than my pool dives. I found it challenging in unexpected ways but very rewarding. I hope you have a similar experience.

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    fort worth texas
    I'm sure everything will go good I haven't had a bad experience at ST they seem pretty knowledgeable. I hear the only down side is visibility but I think they have some wrecks there that should be cool to see and there's also Athens scuba park that's supposed to be cool to dive also. After I get a few dives in and my AOW I want to go to the flower gardens in the gulf too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeagle Eagle View Post
    That's why I love Scuba Toys. Most dive stores pressure you into buying expensive equipment before you get certified. Not ST. Any experienced diver will tell you to wait.
    Scuba Toys sets the hook softly in the beginning, then hooks you for life!
    I should probably just set up a direct deposit to their account
    Nothing but good....NO... VERY GOOD things to say about Scuba Toys.. the lot of them!

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    Direct deposit, why didn't I think of that.
    --Zeagle Eagle

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    Not to hijack the thread, but this seems as good a place as any: I am planning to go to CSSP this Saturday (8/11/12) if I can find a buddy. If you need a buddy (or will be there anyway and are willing to let me tag along) let me know and we can meet at the park!


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