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Thread: Death of a Forum Topic

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    I'm in Indianapolis....not far from Erie and lake Michigan, obviously. Can anyone recommend good dive operators for the Northern Indiana area or Chicago area? Toledo maybe? I've always wanted to dive the great lakes, but not even sure where to start.

    -Doug B
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    My local dive club was talking about diving the Great Lakes a couple of years ago. We never went.

    These are some of the dive operators we considered.
    Windy City Diving
    630-209-2445 Jim
    They have 2 boats a take 5-6 divers per boat.
    They do a 2 dive trip or a 3 dive trip
    If we bring 6 divers we only pay for 5
    Double Action Dive Charters
    815-267-8400 Chris
    One boat is at Waukegan IL harbor (Chicago area)
    Other boat is at Hammond Indiana harbor
    They usually take 6 divers. If we have 6 divers and charter the boat we only pay for 5. They do two (2) tank dives. One leaves port at 7 am and one at 12:30 pm
    Toucan Dive Shop
    Lake Villa IL
    847-356-7826 Rick Smith
    One boat up to 6 divers. They take two (2) tank dives daily. Cost for 6 divers for two (2) tank dives approx $850.00, or $142.00 per diver, or $36.00 per dive
    Boat is at Winthrop Harbor north of Waukegan IL
    Captain Dale Bennett owner of Captain Dale’s / Enterprise Marine no longer runs charters for divers. He recommended we call Toucan.

    Also recommended by Captain Dale is:
    Pirates Cove Diving
    Milwaukee WI
    414-482-1430 Jerry Guyer
    It appears from their website that Jerry runs these two charters

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