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Thread: Sup son Custom SS DIY backplate

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    Sup son Custom SS DIY backplate

    A lil show n tell of my diy backplate:


    Not exactly home made but I have access to some machineries:

    1. A laser cutter from a friend who does advertising boards.
    2. A large deburring tumbler from a friend who runs a mineral processing company.
    3. My own workshop "braker" (manually operated power punch) & Sandblasting chamber.

    Sources which got me started includes:
    HUW H-Plate: H-Plate
    this thread: Custom manufactured BP/W with plans and directions
    this thread: DIY Backplate...

    I explained the process and listed some resources which would help for anyone else interested in making their own here:
    DIY Backplate...

    The only thing which changed from my the above link posted is the smoothing of the webbing slot. I did initially recommended using a die grinder with fine stone and then finish it off with some abrasive media strip (read sand paper). After a painful and lengthy finishing smoothing of the the 1st piece, only then I found out my buddy who runs a mineral processing company had a large vibra tumbler with plastic media... so the rest of the 3 pieces which I dreaded to grind down was immediately sent to have the sharp edges deburred with a vibra tumbler. Since the plate is "large" they had to hang it while it "simmers" in the tumbler.

    The back plate is made with 3mm stainless steel (SUS304). The finger "knob" is also made with the same material.
    - The STA fastening position have 3 placement on top with one long slot at the bottom, adjustable and at the same time, can
    cater to non-standard 11" PCD type STA/Wing mounting. Oxycheqs have mini STA's which could just as well solve the non standard PCD issue as well.
    - 2 choice of crotch strap sizes as seen in many backplates in the market as well.
    - All side holes can be fitted with padding which came with my frog rig, but I am not sure for other makes since I do not have them dimensions.
    - Bottom waist strap slots has 2 additional holes for modding some sort of adjustable cinch. Since Tobin and Jarrod has gone over the cinch design and copylefts I am a bit reluctant to do anything to it at the moment. Besides the Halcyon Cinch, there are also DSS quick adjust and B.Agir quick adjust attachments.

    Brokk Agir harpa adjustable: Backplate Acc.
    DSS adjustable:
    and Of course the halcyon cinch (i dont need to link it here...)



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    Looks like Sidemounting brackets gonna be the next project. While I research on a proper and durable OEM-worthy cannister light.

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    Nice job, keep 'em coming.
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