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Thread: Used dry suits - cautions? Things to look out for? Advice?

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    Update: thanks in large part to all the advice from you guys, I actually had a pretty good idea of what I was looking at considering my relative newbocity.

    The suit was in great shape all around. Seals were solid, zipper seemed sound. I almost killed myself trying it on (instant heatstroke) and was so glad to be sprayed down with a hose while wearing the thing just so I wouldn't overheat...and it was only 95 or so today. A garden hose test is no kinda test at all but the only liquid inside the suit was my sweat.

    I had good mobility and it was baggy but not very baggy...

    The built in boots were tight with any kind of sock at all though...

    In the end I bargained down based on the $225 quote Pinnacle gave for changing the shoe size and got what I think is a great deal on a suit I can train in right away and have socks installed as the weather turns cold.

    Thanks for all of your help!

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    Congrats on the new suit. Make sure you Zipwax the zipper. If you have to cut the seals any, there are various techniques...please ask. The important think is to use a razor sharp knife. I use a rolling razor blade found in most craft stores. You do not want to leave any burrs on the seals because they will tear wide open.


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