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    Hog Predator Mask

    I have been having a little of trouble with a slight sense of vertigo when I get into really poor visibility situations like the sun shining down through silt in the water. My Tusa all clear mask wide view mask let light in everywhere. Its a great mask for good visibility.

    Following a suggestion on here on the board, I bought a low volume black mask. I did a few dives at Clear Springs this weekend and I am in love with this mask. Its not only very comfortable but keeps all stray light and distractions out. I never felt even the slightest sense of vertigo and the visibility was even worse. Thanks everyone at ST for helping me pick out a good one. Its a great bargain as well.

    Hog Predator Frameless Mask discounts on sale HOG

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    +1 This is an excellent mask. I have been diving a Sherwood Rona for a couple of years and love it. Well, I tore the skirt on it and was going to get another, when I saw this mask. Holding them side-by-side, they seem to be the exact same mask and they feel the same on my face, except the HOG from ST is half the price.

    My son has an Atomic framless ultra-clear mask, and in my opinion the HOG has almost the same field of viz and is just as comfortable on my face. (Although the glass in the HOG has a slight greenish tinge to it when held next to the Atomic) This is pretty good, since the Atomic is three times as much.

    This is a great mask for the price, and a really good mask at any price.
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