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Thread: Philippine Islands Diving

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    Philippine Islands Diving

    We are thinking of going to the PI in February for a dive vacation and have no idea where to go, or who to stay and dive with. There will be three of us two divers and one who may dive a few times while we are there. The only time I was in the PI is when I was in the Navy in 1979 when my ship pulled in there. I barely left Subic Bay and surrounding areas of Olongapo, Subic City, and the Barrio.

    Thank you all in advance for any information you might pass along


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    What kind of diving do you like and where are you flying into?(Manila, Cebu). How long are you going to be in the Philippines?
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    The Visayas gets my vote for the most diversity, and for that the easiest international airport is Cebu. If you're flying into Manila, I'd say Anilao is my fave and Puerto Galera a distant second. For the Visayas, moving around from area to area is logistically complex, but with good local assistance (not trying to do it all yourself), it's not ridiculously frustrating.
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