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Thread: Greenbo Lake Underwater Treasure Hunt

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    Greenbo Lake Underwater Treasure Hunt

    Greenbo Lake (Greenup county KY) is holding an underwater treasure hunt on October 6th. Cost for divers is $60 and includes dive, T-shirt, prizes, and buffet lunch. Non divers are welcome but must pay for lunch if they eat. Registration starts Monday September 17th. To register call Greenbo Lake State Resort Park (Jessie Stuart) Lodge at (800) 325-0083. They are supposed to put together a one night lodging and the dive package.

    This is a new location that needs every diver we can get to make sure it stays open. It's a great dive, viz is 20' +, and little to no current.

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    Here is the breakdow of the event.
    Times for the Greenbo Treasure Hunt

    10:00-11:00am Registration in the lobby of the Lodge
    11:15am Safety Briefing in the Conference Center
    12:00-1:30pm Treasure Hunt in the lake near the community pool
    2:00pm Lunch/Prizes in the Conference Center

    Other info
    1. Breakfast kiosk will be set up in the lobby to sell sandwiches, fruit, drinks, etc durring registration.
    2. Divers pay $60 which inclu...des T-shirt, prizes, and Lunch buffet.
    3. Spectators will be charged for meals in the dining room.
    4. Apackage rate will be established to encourage divers to come in on Friday and stay one or two nights.

    Purpose of the event
    1. Provide a test run of the facility for the spring opening.
    2. Obtain feedback from divers on facility and set-up.
    3. Raise funds for the dive refuge development and improvements.
    4. To market the facility to divers and promote the spring opening.

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