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    Well it's been almost 2 years since I started my DM with my LDS we ran into many scheduling issues especially when hurricane sandy dropped in the middle of the class. I have passed the written test with high 90's, the swim tests went pretty easy, I had some buoyancy issues to pass those skills tests but I worked on that. I have spent dozens of days with the LDS helping teach at the local college during 4 semesters, but I can't break away for multiple day weekend trips to the "local" quarry to do the open water portions. With my work schedule I have spent more than 50% of the weekends over the last year working. The internship portion is killing me, I can't get a definitive answer on how many of these weekends I need to do, so I am here to announce I give up getting my DM with my LDS.
    I still would like to get my DM, as some of my volunteer activities(Handicapped scuba and Scouting) have a need for more DM to do the activitiy but me and the LDS can't do it.
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    Sorry to hear you are postponing your DM (you aren't giving up) but I totally understand. I got my DM in 2010. I worked for 3 years then got a new job with LOTS of travel. I find I'm traveling so much that I just cannot find time to work as a DM. It used to be my weekends were my own and I could always help out in the pool Friday nights then join open water trips on Saturday & Sunday. With my new job I'm traveling to the USA on Sunday afternoon and Saturday is my only full day at home. Some weekends I don't even come home. Without evenings during the week to get things done (house cleaning, laundry, etc.) my Saturday is too busy to get any diving in.

    Hopefully you'll still be able to get personal diving in. I went last year with ZERO dives. This year I have been out a couple of times already. I have decided to quit being a DM but I join local scuba clubs and help out for free. Plus I'm going to get a few dive trips in this year (dive the Lulu and Oriskany; go to Barbados; who knows what else).
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