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Thread: Worth buying this tank? not sure if its Al or Steel

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    Worth buying this tank? not sure if its Al or Steel

    I found a tank on-line (Yes, craigslist...) but I've been burned once before (its now a lawn ornament).
    The stamp on the tank reads;

    US4585LUXFER2A87 with a hydro stamp of 8/94.

    It has not been hydro'd since.

    Is it worth the $50 and a 45 min drive to buy it?

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    The 3AL3200 looks like it an aluminum cylinder with a working pressure of 3200 PSI. It is definitely a Luxfer tank. The S92 implies that it is 92 cubic feet when filled to working capacity. The 2A87 is the month and year of hydrostatic testing. If this is the oldest stamping then it is the first stamping at time of manufacture. So the tank would be created February 1987.

    The aluminum used by Luxfer prior to 1989 was definitely the aluminum which suffered from Sustained Load Cracking (SLC). Many shops will not touch these tanks. They are so worried it will explode while being filled. Every year which passes just makes people more nervous. Some shops are worried about the history behind the tank. As you won't be the original owner, some shops will only fill them if they service them. Technically, there is no reason not to fill them. Some shops will just fill them... so long as they are properly serviced. A pre-1990 tank requires an eddy current test as well as a visual inspection.

    You need to check with the shops you get your tanks filled out and see if they will have a problem filling them. If yes, don't bother getting them.

    In my area there are very few shops which will touch them. People have had a hard time selling them for $25 and a local drive. Even if the current owner has no trouble filling them, are you willing to drive 45 minutes every time you want to fill them? What if the shop closes down? Is it worth the extra money for the eddy current testing?

    Only one or two shops in my area will fill them. They typically charge $20 more for an eddy current test. I can buy a more current tank for around $125. I can buy it new for $200 (often less if i shop around). After 7 years it will be cheaper to buy new. This assumes the price of eddy current testing doesn't go up and is still around.

    The resale value on a new tank is a lot higher than an old 1987 tank. You probably have no idea if this tank was used in a shop (many fills), had a lot of hot fills, sat in a basement under pressure (not good), whatever. Basically, used too much is bad. Not used enough is bad.
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    Thanks for the info, I decided to pass on them and bought a new AL100 instead lol!

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    Good call. I looked at buying used a few times in the past. End up with all new tanks after all.
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