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Thread: Georgia Aquarium Journey With Gentle Giants

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    Georgia Aquarium Journey With Gentle Giants

    So on the way home from my amazing dive trip to Hawaii my family went to Atlanta to watch Chipper Jones last regular season home series. While there I did the dive with the whale sharks at the aquarium. This dive was awesome!! I know many people are against having these big animals in captivity but what argument doesn't have two sides. This massive tank allows people (mostly young children) who will either never have the opportunity to see these amazing creatures in person or sparks their interest to make them want to possibly work with them someday. I personally think its a good thing and they really do take great care of every animal in that tank. The dive itself was very interesting. It was valet diving at its finest. Everything is already set up for you and you just change into your wetsuit and then your gear which is sitting on the dock already. I didn't really like the side by side and follow the leader aspect but that's what is best for them especially with how territorial the groupers can be. My "buddy" took the side by side thing way to seriously and even put his arm through my regulator hose at one point and almost pulled it from my mouth. Other than the staying really close together it was a really fun dive. It was neat seeing an aquarium from behind the thick glass and looking out at the little kids who love it. Even the older people were giving me Shaka's back!! (just returned from Hawaii) haha My suggestion to anyone that does it is to do the whale shark or manta specialty. It is definitely worth the extra money in regards to the fact that you get to spend some extra time in the tank with these awesome animals while everyone else heads up to shower and you also get a little behind the scenes tour which you don't really get with just the normal dive. All in all it was a great opportunity and a very exciting dive and if I ever get the opportunity to do it again I will be doing the manta specialty for sure.
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    Going on the behind the scenes tour is also fascinating at least to me anyway.

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    we volunteer at the Pittsburgh aquarium. they love their animals and take good care of them. we dive with zebra sharks and blacktip reef sharks and moray eels. they are all fine with us being in the water. it it the dang pufferfish and the triggerfish that beat us up and try to bite us.... the sharks just like to swim in our bubbles and they like to rub up against us like a big cat.
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    I did the epcot center dive with my kids, (my daughter's first dive after OW ) and they loved it. I kinda like the look on the face of the real little kids when they were watching us.
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