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Thread: Downhill Skiing & wetsuit boots

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    Question Downhill Skiing & wetsuit boots

    As well as being a SCUBA nut I also enjoy downhill skiing. I was thinking of getting a pair of 5 or 7mm booties to keep in my ski pack (I ALWAYS ski with a backpack) to wear to and from the slopes. Boots are way too heavy and don't pack well and sneakers get soggy. Being waterproof & having a good heavy sole the booties would be good for the snow. However I fear that my feet would sweat making me have to change socks before putting on my ski boots. Does anyone have any experience with this?


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    interesting concept.. my boots get wet all the time but then I am underwater with them. i would suggest wearing a pair in the snow and see how they work while in the snow and then decide. keep us posted....
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    It is a good idea. There is a company, Bogs Footwear, which used the concept of scuba boots to make a variety of different boots/shoes for every day people. To avoid the smell they have a little more than neoprene and nylon but the concept is the same.

    I do dog agility which takes place early in the morning on farmland. The grass is usually wet with dew and events go rain or shine. Many people use Bogs to keep their feet dry. The looseness of the Bogs and the lack of zips make them a little better than scuba boots.
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    I'd be a little concerned about how cold they would be. Not a lot of insulation.


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    I would think that neoprene booties would slide on the snow.

    You can purchase goretex booties that go between your socks and your boots.

    Wigwam brand socks are also really good.

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    Largo, my boots are boots. They have a hard sole and trend. Around here you'd use these or wear hiking boots over top of the slick neoprene booties.

    Personally, I have been buying the goretex boots for trialing with the dogs. Never thought of looking for goretex booties to go between my socks and boots. I'll look for those next time my boots wear out.
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    I think Largo is talking about these: SealSkinz, Waterproof, Breathable, Closefitting

    They are great! I used a few pair while in Bridgport,CA for the USMC/USN Cold Weather Medicine Course in '05 and never had cold feet. This was in temps from -15f to +20f in Artic boots, combat boots and cross country ski boots.

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    Thanks Navy. I see the site you recommend is a UK site. So I googled to see if they are available in Canada. Turns out they are (local fishing shop has them) but they are US made. So there is probably a local website you can use to find the US dealers. The knee high waterproof socks are $40 Canadian but all the reviews say they get years of wear out of them.
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