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Thread: Cancelled flights stink

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    Cancelled flights stink

    Hope everyone is having a good Black Friday. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends.

    I'm just sitting here at Vancouver airport waiting for my flight. I arrived at 7am for an 8am flight but it was cancelled. They moved everyone to the 1pm flight. I asked if Westjet could get me on the 10am flight but it is booked solid. To make up for the inconvenience they offered me a meal voucher at the airport restaurant. I thought that was nice of them.

    Must be hard on staff when this sort of thing happens. I'm working as a consultant now. I've been flying Westjet twice a week since September, literally. This is the first time I had an issue and only the second time I heard of this happening. I heard the person in front of me complaining about how this happens all the time and Westjet need to do something about this.

    Well, 4+ hours of surfing the web and catching up on email, articles, etc.

    Too bad they cancelled the flight while I was on the train to the airport. If I knew before I left Vancouver I would have found a dive shop.
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    A big problem is that with flights running at 85% capacity (or more) there aren't a lot of spare seats available to absorb the bumped passengers. With only 15% flex room it would take 5 flights to get the bumped ones on their way.

    I'm not sure where I saw it but your airline does not have to limit your rebooking to themselves. They can / should book you on the "competition" to get you there.
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    Thanks for the information. Some passengers where asking if Westjet could get them home earlier by switching them to another airline.

    Westjet has 3 flights every Friday morning from Vancouver to Toronto. I usually take the second flight and it is full. I think twice in the last four months there have been 3 or 4 empty seats. I would assume the 7am flight is full.

    I watched the price of the flight. If I booked it 4 weeks out it was the lowest price. At 3 weeks out it would go up around $50. At 2 weeks out it would go up around $100. Around 1 week out it would go up $200 or be sold out. The equivalent Air Canada flight would start $50 more. There were always seats available a week out but the AC flight was something like $1700 more than the Westjet flight.

    I found if I bought a flight pass for Air Canada it was almost as cheap as Westjet but then I had to commit to a certain number of flights and it was only good for Vancouver-Toronto flights.

    I've only been doing this since September but I've been learning a lot about flying and how the airlines/FAA/DOT work.
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    If you get the chance, sign into FlyerTalk - The world's most popular frequent flyer community , where all things flight- and travel-related get cussed and discussed. You'll find some great tips concerning frequent travel.
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    What p-man says. FlyerTalk is a great forum for finding out what you you don't know and what you need to know. It covers everything from how to book, to which are the best seats and what an airline "must" do if they bump you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scubadiver888 View Post
    I'm just sitting here at Vancouver airport waiting for my flight. To make up for the inconvenience they offered me a meal voucher at the airport restaurant.
    We arrived late on a flight from Hawaii last year to Vancouver so missed our connecting flight from Vancouver and had to wait 3 hours for another flight. They also offered us a meal voucher. One problem....we found the restaurant there sucks. Nothing worth eating. lol

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    Thanks for the great replies. I've signed up for FlyerTalk (darrell888). Because of the time difference, I'm usually surfing the web at night from my hotel room. So I'll check out FlyerTalk in the evening this week (back in Vancouver this week).

    I actually had a big breakfast before heading to the airport. So I was stuffed when they offered me the voucher to the restaurant. Glad I didn't actually need the food. As far as I can tell there is only one restaurant in the Vancouver airport.

    Flying back to Vancouver tomorrow night. Wish me luck.
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