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Thread: Dry Suit Malfunction

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    Dry Suit Malfunction

    I am thinking about getting into some midwest diving and had a question about drysuits.

    I have heard some horror stories about drysuit malfunction and people rocketing to the surfice looking like the goodyear blimp.

    Anyone offer up either some caliming info or some valadation

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    Just take your time and learn it. Start with shallow easy dives to get used to the added "air cell" of the drysuit. Remember to vent early and often (small amounts). Practice getting turned right side up after your feet go over your head, this can be very disconcerting if you are not prepared for it. The air in your feet will wan to keep you inverted.

    Do not use too much suit inflation, just enough to take the squeeze off uld be plenty until you learn.

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    I own a EVO2 drysuit and have quite few on it and haven't had much probably with buoyancy but I have a friend that just can’t get the hang of it. He ends up getting air in the legs and heads for the surface feet first. He was diving an Evo2 and switched to the Whites and seems to solved his drysuit problems. When I go for weekend and plan to dive dry I usually bring at least two complete sets of underwear, if I doesn’t just get wet it gets nasty quick from sweat. Also, you have a choice of not peeing, putting in a pee valve or using the good old Depends – seems to never fail by the time you get all the gear on you have to pee. I’m seriously considering getting the Henderson Simi-Dry for dives down to maybe 55 degrees. I have never dove one of the newer Simi-Dries but looks like coupled with a set Aqua-Lock boots and gloves it would be a great option. I seen reviews of people diving down in mid 40s and say they are toasty warm. Just something to think about.
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    I've never had an issue with "rocketing to the surface"; nor, have I heard anybody doing this in a drysuit. It does take some practice and for the first dozen or so dives after starting with a drysuit you will feel like you are learning to dive all over. But, once you get it, it's awesome.

    As said, take your time and play with it. I took a class and many do not, but you really need a mentor bare minimum. Can't say the class really helped much, but I did get hands-on pointers. Honestly, I can't remember exactly what PADI teaches, but there are two schools of thought:

    1) As Dsix36 points out, just put enough air in to take the squeeze off and then use the BCD for buoyancy.
    2) Use the drysuit to make adjustment for buoyancy and only use the BCD once you are on the surface.

    Most people I believe use #1. The only issue is you are trying to control two bubbles.

    I've seen people use both methods and I guess it is what works for you. The important thing is to relax and go slow and it will eventually become 2nd nature. The next big decisions are - what type of drysuit and then the whole world of undergarments.


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    Like everyone else says, use the BCD for buoyancy, the exhaust valve on drysuits lets air out a lot slower than your BCD. I once had an instructor at a DUI Dog Days tell me the opposite and I couldn't get the air out of my drysuit quick enough to keep from going to the surface. I was shallow at the time so didn't have any problems. I have since went through a drysuit course and bought my own drysuit and have no problems with my buoyancy.
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