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Thread: 1st Annual REEF Curacao Lionfish Expedition 2013

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    1st Annual REEF Curacao Lionfish Expedition 2013

    1st Annual REEF Curacao Lionfish Expedition in September 2013

    Curacao Lionfish Control Study
    August 31st – September 7th, 2013

    Curacao - Lionfish Control Study with GO WEST Diving and Sandton Kura Hulanda Lodge | Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF)

    This annual project is documenting the establishment and consequences of invasive lionfish as part of REEF’s ongoing effort to minimize the Indo-Pacific predator’s impact on native fish populations. The team will have an opportunity to be trained in lionfish collection and dissections of specimens to document prey. Indo-pacific Red Lionfish (Pterois volitans) have been documented along the entire US East Coast from Florida through Massachusetts, east to Bermuda and south throughout the Caribbean. The expansion has been extremely rapid and exponential in scope.1st Annual CURACAO Lionfish Expedition hosted by GO WEST Diving & the Sandton Kura Hulanda Hotel co-hosted by Lad Akins (REEF Director of Special Projects) and Peter A. Hughes
    7 nights room at the Sandton Kurá Hulanda Lodge, rental car, breakfast and 5 days 2-tank boat diving starting at (double occupancy): US$1534.00 + US$200.00 p/p REEF Fee (incl. taxes & transfer)

    LIMITED AVAILABILITY - CALL TODAYFor INFORMATION and/or RESERVATION contact: phone # (305) 852-0030

    GO WEST Diving - EN - 1st Annual REEF Curacao Lionfish Expedition

    Best Regards & Safe Diving, Bryan

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    If you guys kill all the lionfish there won't be anything left to see on the dead reef system. Seems the lionfish were about the only thing left after all the over fishing.

    Don't get me wrong Curacao is a really nice island and I am going back the end of this month. The water is clear and blue, the island and the people are amazing. We plan to make a 5 day stop before we head over to Bonaire.

    The reef sytem is in really bad shape though. The locals even fish the juviniles right off the reef.
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    Gees Clernix a bit on negative side. have only been to curacao once (westpunt) but thought the fish, eels,turtles and rays were spectacular. the reef at the time was under assault from algae but fish life at the time was great. this was fall of 2010.

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    That did come off pretty negative, didn't mean it as harsh as it came off. We are haeding back and I do like the island. We dove Alice in Wonderland which is right in from of OE diveshop and I have never seen a more sparsley populated reef.

    Water is clear and blue thought and unlimited diving.

    Sorry bout the hijack Bryan

    To be fair I will shoot a video of Alice in Wonderland and post it on youtube and link it to this thread.

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