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Thread: Looking for trips and buddies for this summer

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    Quote Originally Posted by snagel View Post
    We did a trip this summer where we hit Mermet Springs in Metroplis, Il and then drove down the Hopkinsville, KY and dove Penny Royal. It was a great trip. It was about a 8 hour drive for us, but well worth it. We're thinking this summer maybe mapping out a road trip for a week or more and hitting as many quarries as we can making a big circle back home. You might see if this is an option for your area.

    Yes, I would like to do something like that. I had thought about doing a similar type road trip for the Dive around Texas competition. They do not have the 2013 info posted yet but should soon. Let me know if you get yours planned out. Maybe I will start working on one in my area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clernix View Post
    I will be in Coz on those dates. If you like we can hook up. I will be using Dive with Martin.
    I sent in a deposit today for 5 days diving with Dive with Martin - Tues May 6 through Saturday May 12. Maybe we can get on the same boat at least a couple of times. I will be trying to dive mornings mostly since my wife is not a diver. But could possibly do some afternoons as well.

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    PM your real name and I will have you added to our boat.

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