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    So Confused

    I am do you learn about all of the equipment and terminology....As an example, I saw a Hollis X Wing 37 lb or 65 lb...what the heck is that?!?!?

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    First get on ScubaToys website and drool over all the equipment; then, hang out in here.


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    that's the problem, I'm surfing the store and see lots of sale prices, but have no clue what they are!

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    Slow down and take your time. Ask questions. For your example the weight (37 and 65) refer to the amount of lift the BC provides. (More is not necessarily a good thing)

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    Aww, I was going to tell him that was how much they weighed. JK, not really. As TK said, it's the amount of lift in the BC. And yes, more is not necessarily a good thing. the more lift the bigger the bladder, The bigger the bladder, the more drag. The more drag, the more effort and higher air consumption to push through the water. The higher the air comsumption, the less time you can spend underwater. The less time underwater, the less happy we are.

    As for the rest, ask away, we'll be happy to answer.
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    The 65lb is for use with double banded tanks, possibly with some deco tanks slung on the sides as well If used with a single tank the effect that occurs is called a Taco (sorry couldn't find a photo) the bigger the wing the worse the taco, and 65 lb is a big wing. The Hollis 37lb is actually designed for small doubles, for singles you possibly want something more like OxyCheq Mach V Signature Wing discounts on sale OxyCheqPlease note I am biased when it comes to wings
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    Quote Originally Posted by TGK View Post
    I am do you learn about all of the equipment and terminology....As an example, I saw a Hollis X Wing 37 lb or 65 lb...what the heck is that?!?!?
    You come here try searching to see if someone has answered this already. If you cannot find something (don't search for days; just try a couple of reasonable searches) ask questions.

    For this specific question. Hollis is a manufacturer. X Wing is a model only Hollis manufactures. That is, it is a marketing term. Nothing special so far. If you have been using a lot of equipment you might like Hollis or you might hate them. It is like the Chevy versus Ford thing. Some people will buy whatever works. Some will always buy Ford. Some will buy Toyota.

    The important thing here is the lift. A 37lb wing will float 37lbs of 'stuff' when full. If your equipment is -17lbs it means it needs 17lbs of lift to float it. If your wetsuit is +12lbs of lift then you might need +5lbs more. A 37lb wing would be overkill. On the other hand, I like to float my gear on the edge of a shore dive, get in the water and put my gear on in the water. If my equipment is -22lbs then I need at least a 22lb wing. A 37lb wing would be more than enough. What if I clip a reel, flashlight, signaling device, etc. I might need 31lbs of lift.

    General rule of thumb is 15-20 lbs for warm water diving. 25-40 lbs for cold water diving. Anything over 40 lbs will increase drag for single tanks. If you are diving doubles you might need 40-60 lbs. Best yet, talk to people in your area (just spot someone diving a BP/W at a local dive site; or just ask your ScubaToys instructor) and see what they recommend and why.

    Normally, a shop will be trying to push their equipment and be biased. ScubaToys sells so many different models that you can usually trust them to just give you good advice. I've seen them giving good advice to people here all the time.
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    Don't panic, at least not yet! You will need some basic equipment to start your course. This depends a little bit on the shop, but a mask, fins, snorkel, weight belt, and weights are all considered basic personal dive equipment. The LDS may vary a little bit on their practices, but most provide gear such as BCD, tanks, regulator for the pool work. Open water dives may or may not include gear and may or may not be included in the class price.

    Don't buy anything that you don't need for the class until you have finished the class. After the class, many of these terms will make more sense.

    The bad news, as you progress through this sport, some of the gear that was perfect for you when you started will longer suits your diving style,and will need to be replaced with appropriate equipment. That is also the good news, you will always be in the process of upgrading equipment, and getting rid of old (if you are like Navy, just hang onto the old).

    Will someone tell me why I never have weights in the correct sizes? I keep buying weights and the next thing that I know, I need more weights in different sizes. I knew some of the gear would be expensive, but ended up being surprised at the number of weights and the cost.

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