Havn't bought it yet - probably won't for a few months. I'm $120 off getting my regulator(s) which will hopefully only be two weeks pay god willing, so that is coming before I get my Backplate/wing largely because I can buy the pieces seperately without having to sit on a large chunk of money for a year before I can make the purchase.

I was looking at harnesses and wondering if a comfort harness (or one that appears to have all the bells and whistles, such as this) or a HOG style minimalist approach such as this would be better for my diving in the long run, a lot of people seem to damn the complicated setups but I can't be sure I won't prefer them - particularly with regards to comfort straps and shoulder padding since I'll be diving in generally pretty cold water and using a fair bit of weight, especially if I ever get into doubles diving. Why do you ask?