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Thread: Need recomendations for non-BP/W for DMing

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    Quote Originally Posted by cgvmer View Post
    Hello all,

    I dive a Golem Gear BP/W with DR deluxe harness and love it.

    I am in my DM class and although the instructor/owner has not said I can't use my BP/W for teaching, it is apparent to me that some things would go easier if I was wearing a "normal' non-BP/W BC.

    The reason I went the BP/W route in the first place was my size and the ability to comfortable accommodate my size in a BC, I'm big at 6'5", and 335lbs.

    So the question, does anyone have any suggestions for a BC to accommodate my size easily?

    Ah yes, always the question of what to use during teaching - bp/wing vs stab jacket ?

    i normally don a stab jacket and cover the lessons. If there is extra time (and now the issue of cost to the DC , time etc all comes in as well) , i will introduce the notion of bp and wing. I understand that most new OW trainees are sufficiently stressed already to remember/learn the basics, and having a bp/wing , and things like long hose etc , may cause greater information overload , especially if the course is conducted in a very short period of time.

    if time does not permit bp/wing - i will usually try to gather this group of students (once they have passed OWC ), to go for a leisure trip in shallow waters , kinda of experience building. Then i will intro to them the notion of bp/wing and to try out the gear if needed -> this allows them to have an informed choice.

    as for choice of stab jackets - i believe dive right, scuba pro and mares has sizes for larger people. But i will concur with the rest , to use the gear by the DC, unless you see yourself teaching very often, and in that case, probably your own jacket bc may be better


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    I went through this debate for my DM and IDC/IE and decided to use my back inflator jacket style Sherwood Tortuga. An XL should fit you but be advise of weighting issues. So that you can properly kneel underwater for skills it is necessary to set your non dumpable back pockets with the majority of your trim weight and only adding minimal weight to the dump pockets. Otherwise the back inflator will tend to make you tilt forward and force you to use your arms to compensate. This would make you look unprofessional and is frowned upon. This is not the recommended way to weight a BCD but works under training conditions. It also makes for easy removal and replacement skills demo (Making you look like a seasoned pro) Otherwise you will end up purchasing a BCD that will never give you any satisfaction when compared to your BP&W. The back inflator style jacket will appear familiar to your students and yet will give that nice horizontal ride you'll be happy with. The one thing I did transfer to my teaching/training kit from my BP&W recreational set was my 5' long hose. This was a sweet advantage when doing the buddy equipment exchange during my DM training.
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    cgvmer - I'm about your size and have a Zeagle brigade XXL that will fit you. It's in great shape, I've just got no use for it. Will cut you a smoking hot deal. PM me if you are interested.
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