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Thread: Any diving near Yokota?

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    Any diving near Yokota?

    Just got my PCS orders to Yokota AB - are there any diving spots nearby? I noticed Izu/Ita mentioned quite a bit, but it seems like the cost/distance would be very hard to swallow. I need to decide whether I should keep my scuba gears that I got during my stay in Curacao, or sell as much as I can. I really can't imaging diving often after moving to Japan.

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    Keep the gear, you will have the worst case of sellers remorse if you do indeed sell it. Given where Yokota is, I'm sure there is some diving in that area.

    I once saved a man in Wichita just to watch him dive...(inventor)

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    I found that I could dive in the Med at almost every place the ship went to with the exception of Turkey & Palma. Turkey was at war with greece at the time & Plama the ship said no. I didn't dive in the far east as I was kinda busy playing hide & seek with the black pajama guys. Take them and look,around & ask around, while in Naples I got to dive on an ancient roman city serveral times right off the beach. Was told about it at a local resturant.

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