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Thread: Semi Dry vs. Drysuit Bouyancy

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    Semi Dry vs. Drysuit Bouyancy

    A little bit of background first:

    Me 5'10" 173 pounds. I can normally dive in both Freshwater wearing a 3mill suit without lead and wearing my Trilam Suit with 300g of undergarments wearing 14-16 pounds.

    In Saltwater, again no lead needed with a bathing suit, 2 pounds or so wearing a 3mil shorty.

    I dive an aluminum plate with a 18 pounds wing, except for the drysuit, when I wear a steel plate with a 30 pound wing, both with an 80 Aluminum tank.

    I just got me a Scubapro Nova Scotia Semi Dry 6.5mil and am wondering how much lead to begin wearing both in Fresh and Salt. I will be diving 80 aluminum tanks.

    Looking forward to some info. Thanks in advance.

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    Got me, I think you just need to do a weight check and find out....good excuse for a pre-dive.


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    I've never worn a semi-dry but it should require less weight than a drysuit with 300g garments. I dive a 3mm without lead in freshwater and a 7mm with 10 pounds in freshwater. My 7mm is 14mm on the core, hood gloves, etc. I would imagine your semi-dry is going to require under 14 pounds. Should even be under 10 pounds if you get all the air out before getting in the water. I'd agree with snagel. With ever gear configuration change I get in the pool or a pool like area and do a weight check.
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    Absolutely a weight check is mandatory....I was trying to get a base line. I figured it would be around 10 pounds or so, using the aluminum plate. Plan to maybe take it on an upcoming trip to Cozumel. We will do at least two deep a day, t-shirt only, but then deep extended night dives and it does get chilly. I used to just wear a shorty, but am getting older....

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