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Thread: low times high times

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    Your weight needs can change constantly. As you gain experience it is common to find you need less lead. My guess is that if you are an air hog (as I used to be ) you are probably holding a lot of air in your lungs. As you get more comfortable under water and breath more consistently you will shed a few pounds off your weight belt. Weighting will also change depending on your gear configuration, cameras, lights, a different wet suit can all make a difference. Do a weight check before every dive on the surface and keep notes in your log book and you'll have it under control in no time.
    I was taught to empty your bc at the surface holding a normal breath and you should float at eye level. As you exhale you should slowly descend. Depending on your tank you might add a couple lbs. to compensate for air use.
    What, me worry?

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    In theory, with a near empty tank you should be able to hold a breath on the surface no air in BCD and be at eye level. Exhale you should descend slowly...not plummet and not have to fight to get down. Myself, I want to be perfectly buoyant with a low tank for the safety do not want to have to fight to stay down for a safety stop. I tend to like to be a couple pounds just feels better for me.

    It is true that as you become more comfortable you will shed weight. But, don't get caught up in the Macho Thinking that less weight makes you a better diver. Weight properly. I hear it over and over people bragging about how little weight they use as if it is some sort of prize. If you need more or less weight that is fine for you.

    As a new diver your body will naturally want to hold air in the lungs. As you get more comfortable this will lessen. Also many new divers tend to hold their breath to adjust for know this is a no-no....breath properly and avoid skip breathing.

    Also, another trick....many divers will kick their fins when's another one of the bodies defense mechanisms because we were not built to be underwater and the body is trying to get to the surface. You many not even know you are doing this and probably swear you are not. Many will pile on the weight to compensate. Next time cross your fins as you descend so you can't will be amazed at first it will not be natural.


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    thanks for the tips
    sounds like I need to get back in the water and just keep working on it.
    back to cozumel what a bummer

    actually I think we could benefit by taking the advanced open water
    it is getting warmer now, so maybe we will just get with scuba toys and do it here. If I read correctly bouyancy control is one of the classes

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