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Thread: Texas Lakes

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    Texas Lakes

    Ok I know that it's not the best diving in the world, but what lakes have decent visability?

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    You live in the wrong state for convenient local diving, bro. You just need to know that.

    Here are your TX options:
    • Clear Springs Scuba Park in Terrel, TX - Heavily used by dive shops and instructors for check outs. Nice facility with a viz scale of Great (+20ffw) to Crap (<5ffw). I have like 90 dives there but have not dove it in over 5 years (live out of state now). Max depth 60'.
    • Athens Scuba Park in Athens, TX - Small. Bad viz. Max depth 15' to 20'. I'm not a fan and I'm not gonna trash them here. Search the forum if you want specifics.
    • Lake Travis in Austin, TX - Probably the most heavily dived "true" lake in TX. But there's been a drought in TX that has severley killed the diving there. Maybe someone from that area can give some specifics. I have around 40 dives here but haven't been there in years.
    • Blue Lagoon in Huntsville, TX - Never been there and have heard mixed reviews.
    • Mamouth Lake Scuba Park outside of Freeport, TX - Never been there. Besides, if you are that far South, you might as well book a trip to out the rigs.

    Those are the "mainstream" dive spots. Others may know of a few hoels or hollers but it is slim pickins, amigo. Better build a pool...
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    If you are looking for just some close lake diving I recommend going to There aren't too many close by but has some good information to what is around. I am out of Dallas and just began diving last fall so the only place that I have been so far is Lake Murray in Oklahoma.

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