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Thread: DIY Big Buoy Dive Flag - When size does matter

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    DIY Big Buoy Dive Flag - When size does matter

    Hi Guys,

    I've made a video tutorial on how to build a Big Buoy Dive Flag, it's bigger than the commercial ones you find in the stores (you can make it as big as you want)
    check out my youtube page MDTV3's channel - YouTube

    There's also a written document and cutting pattern for the flag at my wordpress site
    Scuba Diving | mdtv3

    Hope it's of help,

    Dean Menhennet

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    Creative use of zip ties. Nice job Dean. Thanks for sharing.

    I have a dive flag that comes out of an inner tube. The inner tube has a nylon cover around it and some plastic grating, zip tied on to it for a bottom. I have a weighted bag under the inner tube to give it stability and it is a good place to keep equipment, lights, stuff that you don't want to leave on the beach. I have a fiberglass pole about 8 feet long with the flag on the end. I used to dive from a place that had only one way in and out of the coral, sort of a cut to get to the wall. I would hang a strobe light or a chem stick from it to find my way back.
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    Nice Job, very interesting.
    - Dennis ><()))">

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    Very nice. Lots of detail. Removable cable ties aren't readily available in my area. I'd probably use a pin with a cotter pin for attaching the flag to the buoy.
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