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Thread: HP 83 Cu.Ft 4500 PSI/ 300 BAR Steel Tanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by scubadiver888 View Post
    AL80s will be 7.25" diameter. I'm not familiar with the Faber 95s but I believe they are 8.00" diameter. So bands for doubling the Faber 95s will not work with the AL80 tanks.

    I dive steels as singles. If I am diving 3mm full wetsuit I find I need no lead. I think I might actually be a few pounds heavy. If I'm using 7mm full wetsuit then diving a single steel with a little weight is fine. So if I had a wing failure I could drop weight and make it to the surface. Realistically, I always carry a large DSMB on a spool; if I had a wing failure I'd use my DSMB to pull myself to the surface.
    All this talk about failed wings. Here's a trick. Carry a lift bag. Use it to get you to the surface. NO YOUR NOT GOING TO SHOT YOURSELF TO THE SURFACE. Inflate the lift bag until your neutrally buoyant or just a little negative. Take your dive knife and stab the lift bag at the point where the air and water meet. As you ascend the expanding air will vent out the hole you just made keeping you neutral. BTW this should be a last ditch aw **** I'm screwed move.

    Holes in a wing can usually be managed as long as you haven't ripped the entire wing wide open. I've climbed through many wrecks. Never damaged a wing. Come out with rust all over my suit and wing at times but never any damage.

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    ive had the pleasure of having a failed wing...pulled on the dump valve and it came out in my hand...awesome at depth i tell ya.....this was on a set of alu 80s....had a drysuit so no big deal for redundant I can swim up all my rigs from depth without any air in wings.....keep it nice and balanced.

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