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Thread: South Fla/Keys & Costa Rica recommendations

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    South Fla/Keys & Costa Rica recommendations

    Hello All .... I'm coming over from the UK next month (July) initially for 16 days in CR on an explorer vacation with the family - unfortunately not including Cocos :-(( So, does anyone have any recommendations for who to dive with at Talamanca & up the coast to Limon on hr Caribbean side and again at Quepos on the West. Any particular must do /must sees? After this we have 10 days based in Miami with a trip down to Key West with the same questions. I look forward to being inundated with some replies :-))
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    I was on the Caribbean side a couple of years ago. IMHO I wouldn't dive it. Reefs if you want to call them that are destroyed due to the run off from the bannana plantation

    The area itself is friggen amazing though. The animal and plant life was the most impressive I have ever seen in my travels in the western hemisphere. There are companies that will set up a rafting trip from the capital to the Cafribbean side. We drove it. Don't get me wrong the drive was amazing but rafting would have been waaaayy coooooler!

    The volcano was amazing too. We stayed at a hotel the had pools fed by volcanic water again friggen amazing.

    We always said we would go back then the g/f got certified and the next 9 trips were all Coz because she absoulty fell in love with Coz.

    I hear the Pacific side has big fish diving
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    stayed at Ocotal on the pacific side...fabulous diving I hear there is a place in Costa Rico where you can see the Pacific and Atlantic ocean from the same spot there is a great zip line in Costa Rico.. not sure where... friends have been there. I think it went through the rain forest.

    FLorida...there are only about 1 milllion things to do above and below sea level.. stop at robbie's marina and feed the 8 ft tarpons Robbie's of Islamorada: Offering the widest diversity of recreational marine activities in Islamorada, Florida Keys - Offshore, Backcountry and Partyboat Fishing, Boat Rentals, Guided Tours, and Tarpon Feeding.
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    If your going to be traveling the keys, I would definitely recommend checking out the Spiegel Grove in Key Largo. Deep with a strong current, but amazing. I have a buddy that has dove it close to 50 times and still hasn't seen it all.

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