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Thread: Dive Operator Recommendations out of the Kohola Coast of Big Island

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    Dive Operator Recommendations out of the Kohola Coast of Big Island

    I am planning a honeymoon trip to the Big Island in October. I am looking at some of the resorts in the Waikoloa area of the big island. I have a good recommendation in the Kona area for a dive operation. It appears that Kona is too far of a drive each day. I was curious if anyone has any recommendations for dive outfits a little closer to this area of Waikoloa.

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    No personal recommendation but the two operators in that area to look at are Waikoloa Coast Divers or Kohala Divers. Both get good reviews.

    I saw your other post, we also liked Kona Diving Co. If you did want to drive down (30mins.) the boats all leave from Honokahau harbor just north of Kona so it's about the same distance as you'll drive from the airport. Do the Manta Night Dive with somebody. There's a couple shore dives farther north in the Puako area also. Place of Refuge is a good dive also if you want to make the trek south. More info: Scuba Shore Diving Site Listing for: The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands

    You aren't planning to go during Ironman World Championship week are you? It's October 12th. Double or Triple drive times everywhere if you are. Everything will be crowded also anywhere in/near town before and after it. Accommodation prices go up also from what I've seen.

    If you're planning to drive over to Hilo via the Saddle Road it gets to about 6600' elevation. If you do, Akaka Falls is worth a look.

    Obviously so does Volcanoes Nat'l Park. Mauna Loa gets to 13,000 - IIRC the Kilauea observation point is about 4400'? From Waikoloa that's about a 3 hr. drive - been there done that.

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    Thanks for the recommendations. I did run across Kohala Divers and their reviews. I will have to look into Waikoloa Cost Divers. The Manta Ray Dive is one of my must dives during the trip.

    Fortunately, we don't start our honeymoon until the 14th of October. We will miss the blunt of the Ironman World Championships.

    We plan to do Volcano Nation Park and Akaka Falls. Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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    be careful with diving and elevations.....don't need to get bent on your honeymoon.... we dove manta ray dive with Big island divers good bunch they also do a 'blackwater' dive where you dive over an abyss at night and incredible creatures come up to the surface where you can see them
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    Drive down south of Kona one day to Kahuluu Beach Park and snorkel with the turtles. There's a lot of them there. Including some sleeping on shore. Don't touch though, they're protected. It's listed in some places as a dive but it's really only about 5-7' deep for a very long way out. Kahaluu Beach Park Snorkeling Secrets! The Complete Guide to Big Island Snorkeling!

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    Farther south still is the Black Sand beach - pack a lunch for that one if driving from Waikoloa - it's a long way. Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Hawaii, the Big Island |

    The "blackwater" dive is Pelagic Magic. Jack's has a couple videos on their site about it:

    The more light you have the more the Manta's will like you since it attracts more plankton. My buddy has a 4400lumen video light, they loved him. All the operators tether lights on the bottom and shine light down from the surface also. The manta's will also go up to interact with snorkelers, my niece and her g/f did that during the dive.

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    ScubaJane, Thanks for the warning. I was always keeping elevation on my mind during such a trip. I agree, getting bent on a honeymoon is not my ideal honeymoon experience. The Manta Ray Night Dive/Snorkel is a must in my book.

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