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Thread: videos from my Roatan trip, June 2013

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    videos from my Roatan trip, June 2013

    GoPro Hero2, red filter

    I shot a lot of footage last month on my trip! I bought this GoPro last year when I decided to downsize my video rig. My first trip with it was to Cozumel last year with mixed results. I did not have the monitor back, so I was shooting and had no idea what I got.... meaning I missed some really great stuff as I was shooting high or low. Sucked.
    So last month I went ahead and bought the monitor back. Wow... great improvement. It doesn't work well all the time (not enough contrast or too shallow), and it does cause the unit to overheat and turn off if you leave it on for the whole dive. However, my footage greatly improved. I am glad I got it.

    So here is the link to all my videos:

    I am almost done, just 1 more video to put together today and hope to have it posted tonight. The GoPro is great at wide angle if there is plenty of light, but it does have its drawbacks. It has a fixed focus so sometimes things closeup are out of focus. My fullsized camcorder had autofocus which zoomed in and out to keep things in focus... I do miss that for tiny things. BUT overall, the size factor is still worth it to me. I can clip this off to my BC, get on and off boat easily, and I can travel with it in my personal bag.

    Also, I can get some really nice "screen captures" from the footage.

    2013_CCV_PAwreck2.jpg 2013_CCVsnorkeling1.jpg 2013_CCV_Part3_5.jpg


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    very nice the gopro 2 is still a great cmera

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