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Thread: Night divers: Need a REAL emergency marker strobe?

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    Red face Night divers: Need a REAL emergency marker strobe?

    Hi, fellow divers.

    I have an unused Jotron AQ-4 xenon strobe that's a bit over a year old and never been dived. I bought it from a military and commercial dive vendor for $90 before a trip that was canceled, and this strobe has been sitting in a drawer since it was purchased. It's yours for $50 plus $5 for UPS or USPS ground shipping within the USA.

    It uses one C-cell for power, can flash its brains out for 12 hours, and is rated by the manufacturer down to 300 m, which hopefully is about 900 feet deeper than you're likely to be diving.

    This is the kind of bright "find me now!" night marker you want if you're diving at night or drifting out there in the dark. Genuine xenon strobes are a bit more expensive but lots brighter than those wimpy little LED markers that people usually buy.

    The AQ-4 is a favorite of aircraft pilots, firefighters, skydivers, and in particular East Coast wreck divers, who also often use an AQ-4 as a "come home" mooring or line marker. Here's a link to the product description:
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