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Thread: Another Adventure with the Pyrates in Cozumel

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    Thanks for sharing, no diving for me until the end of January. TRUK BABY!!!
    Some people are like a Slinky, not really good for anything but they do make you smile when you push them down stairs.

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    Here is the breakdown on what I have besides the Hero3 Black
    Filter from Snake RIver
    Aquapod pole
    Batteries from Wasabi
    BCD CLip Lower

    I use a stanard camera wrist strap hook to clip the top of the pole to the top of my bcd
    and the lower clip to the bottom of the pole. That is the one with the bungie
    It is like that when I enter the water or dont want to hold the camera
    When I am ready to film. I just unclip the top and release the loop on the bungie. It will extend arms length and if I were to ever drop it it will still be clipped

    I will do pictures this weekend, it is a big grill weekend

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