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Thread: Suggest a small tank

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    Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll be sure to practice a few of those equalizing techniques.

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    If I wasn't a day late and a dollar short, I would have said pretty much what everyone else has. That being said, as far as pony tanks, I recently got a 13 CF pony and put a HOG DIN First stage on it and attached my octo to it, very comfortable to sling and easy to give my daughter if something happens with hers. Since it's a proper octo, it's also long enough that she can breathe off it while I'm unslinging and giving it to her.

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    Holy Tamales guys, what a great web site. I guess I have something to do for the next week or so. Many good vids.

    I guess I am not clear on what you are trying to do. If you can carry a "pony" bottle why not just scuba. Am I missing something? I realize you are just trying to clear your ears; but, there must be a safer way.

    I think Navy hit the nail on the head. You are setting yourself up for a nasty surprise.
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    As long as you exhale while ascending, I don't see the problem.

    If you do go with a pony, get one of these to cut down on the clutter -

    I think Dive-Rite makes one also.

    The advantage will be you can fill it anywhere you can a regular tank. I think the Spare Air needs it's fill adapter to be refilled. Buy one of those nifty transfill adapters and you can even do it from your regular tank. And the pony/reg can also be used to pump up a flat tire if you get that

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    I would go with a 30 cu/ft tank as it is not much heavier then some of the smaller tanks mentioned and can also be used for shallow shore dives or as a bailout bottle should you get more involved in scuba later. I would also suggest a commercial diving harness so the tank is right against you back presenting the lowest profile possible.


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