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Thread: Buddy Link - Dive Communicators

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    Buddy Link - Dive Communicators

    These have only been used in a pool. My wife picked them up as a surprise novelty birthday gift a couple years ago but we never really got around to using them. They are built like a tank and are completely sealed. Charging happens externally without having to open them up. It should have 3 years left on the warranty as nothing in the warranty states it is for the original purchaser. Here is a quick overview from their website:

    • Buddy-Link not only has an extensive range, but indicates (via color) the distance to your buddy, or when one of you is getting out of range.
    • Buddy-link attaches unobtrusively to the outside of your facemask. Tap a button—a pattern of 4-color LED lights will flash in your buddy’s peripheral vision, and a matching tune will sound. You'll know the message was received when your unit flashes an acknowledging light.
    • Interesting fish caught your eye? Share it with your buddy instantly. Need to change course? Notify your buddy without contortion.
    • B-Link works in open water or confined spaces.

    Price is $200 including shipping CONUS. I only accept PayPal.

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    Price drop to $175

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