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Thread: +1 for Joey at ST.

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    +1 for Joey at ST.

    Seeing the nice Labor day deals I ordered a few (way more than I should) things from ST.

    I just moved to a new area and need some cold water items for a dive I'm doing in a bit over a week. Not realizing that it was a holiday weekend and my dive is so close, I ordered my items online from ST because of the great prices. I got a phone call today to let me know that some of my items were back ordered. That alone is more than a lot of companies would do to begin with. I talked to Joey and he was able to switch out the color on a few items and have my new wet suit sent from the factory so that I'll get everything in time.

    This is by far the best customer service I have ever received.
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    I've pestered Joey quite a bit, still surprised they still let me in the doors, and he always goes above and beyond on the customer service. It's really an institutional thing there, everyone is awesome.

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    It was all I could do to keep from crying

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    +1 for Joey. I moved, literally, down the street from ScubaToys in June 2014. So ScubaToys became my shop due to proximity. Every time I go in everyone is awesome but Joey goes above and beyond at times. I think we need to get a picture of Joey and photoshop a Superman cape on the guy!

    It is rare to find a shop (scuba or otherwise) that treats customers as good as ScubaToys. So I think it is important to let people know this is a shop they can trust. Every time I meet someone in Dallas who wants to learn scuba I direct them to ScubaToys. You guys are definitely awesome.
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    Thank you guys. It is my pleasure to help. Your kind words are much appreciated.

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