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Thread: I am officially useless

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    Hope your dives were as good as ours. We did Columbia Deep and La Francesa. Saw reef sharks, Nurse sharks, turtles, rays, a HUGE green moray free-swimming, and the usual assortment of fish. Even 2 minuscule pipe fish! Didn't see your boat today however. We're on the Maximus, so if you see us yell! We're on every day thru Friday.

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    We took our surface interval on that peer and beach at dalia, looked for you but did not see you. The girls aee due back anytime from randi's first dives. I dove palancar gardens and dalia today. No sharks but got close up to a couple turtles

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    Sounds like the weather is cooperating for ya'll. You seem to be hitting my favorite Coz sites.

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