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Thread: What's Bad About Bonaire?

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    Thanks for info on the fuel.

    Yes, Windsock is a great/easy dive. We did a Dawn Dive there once. Awesome, getting in when it is dark and watching the reef wake up as the sun rises.


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    Here's the final report. I did my last 3 dives and turned in my tanks & weights. Can't dive tomorrow because I fly early wed morning.

    This morning Alice in Wonderland. It wasn't wonderland - it was OK. Without the double reef and easy entry I'd give it a pass. I think Angel City might be a better double reef dive but I'm not positive. I could be biased because vis at Alice kind of sucked. Might be better very first thing in the morning. I dove around 9am.

    So, on the southern sites, I'd say how good depends. On what I'm not sure. Site?, time of day?, the whim of the gods? I found Invisibles excellent - Tori's, Alice, The Lake were nothing to write home about - Hilma Hooker, well if you dove it you know - must do, but you probably won't want a repeat.

    On the northern sites - Cliff and Tolo were excellent. Went to both twice and they didn't disappoint. Cliff isn't a bad entry if you take your time. Tolo is a pretty easy entry.

    The middle sites - Yellow Sub is worth doing. Very easy entry and nice reef life. Windsock and Corporal Meiss were good, with easy entries and not too long a swim to the drop.

    Now - tips. Wave pattern is usually one or two big waves followed by a number of small waves. Watch & count so you know when to enter. Check the mooring buoy for which way it is pushed and dive the opposite direction. Freeze a litre or litre & a half bottle of water each night and take it along. By end of dive there's a lot of ice water and a lot of ice. Usually enough for two dives, sometimes three. You don't see anything at the bottom that you don't see above 40 feet except garden eels. Cute but how many times? I didn't see anything on my night dive and night snorkel that I didn't see during the day. Maybe the night shift is on vacation and the day shift is filling in. I did find that breaking down my equipment in the dark while being eaten by mosquitoes wasn't something I wanted to repeat.

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    This was a most entertaining thread to read.
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