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Thread: Whale shark swim from Cozumel

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    Whale shark swim from Cozumel

    I already posted this in the travel section, I guess it may be better suited for the Cozumel forum. Hello. I am planning a trip next summer and want to do the whale shark swim. We are going to Cozumel to dive. Anyone done this trip from there? I found a company called Blue H2O Cozumel Watersports that does this trip from Cozumel?
    Is it something that is a definate must do? What should I expect?

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    I didn't make it since I got sea-sick on the ferry over to PDC, so I had no chance in Hell in a little boat out on the seas.... One girl on the boat was quite sea-sick, and my ex-Navy friend said he was a touch queasy... But, they also said it was awesome!! So guzzle down your Dramamine and do it.
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    we are diving in cozumel with awesome service, dm with us on every dive...... reasonable price..... don't know about the whale shark dive though....
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