Hi guys! I'll start by saying thank you for making this wonderful site and making me part of the scuba diving community.

Just wanna share my wonderful experience. I just got home from a weekís diving vacation. The water was very cold and a friend of mine was using Nordic blue drygloves in every dive. She said it fits her well and was comfortable (I mean great flexibility and no bulky rings, so frustrating arenít they?). Iíve never tried these particular drygloves but based from my friendís experience, maybe Iíll give them a try. Told me one of their models is on Amazon just wonder if anyone else had tried these or was planning toÖ. Thanks nordic blue drygloves , http://www.amazon.com/gp/shops/store...=ASMJ6MWBFBGLU, nordicbluedrygloves.com

Thanks in advance and happy diving! =)