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Thread: Diving Australia in May

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    Diving Australia in May

    I will be traveling to Australia in May and would like any recommendations for dive shops, locations, and just general travel for divers and Non-divers around Australia. Most time will be spent in Perth. I do plan on diving the Great Barrier reef so info on that is also welcomed. Thanks

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    I did diving out of Cairns a couple of years ago on a live aboard called Taka II. I had a great time. We went as far as the Cod Hole which is a don't miss dive. Largest Cod I have ever seen. They are the size of Volkswagens. I highly recommend the Taka II. It's the same boat that was in the movie the perfect storm. They are a little weird about doing the deepest dive first. They were very unhappy when I didn't get to the planned depth of 95 feet on the first dive. They check your computer when you get back on board. I think I did 70 feet the first dive and 30 the second and third. Other than that they are awesome. Oh yeah, they insist on being the last ones to touch your tank valve to make sure it is on. Got a lot of teasing for wearing my dive knife on my leg too. They know more about our politics than we do and love to argue the various candidates. Don't forget to have some kind of skill to perform in the evenings. I played a mean Air Digeridoo and tore the house down.
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