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Thread: Handicapped Scuba buddy

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    Handicapped Scuba buddy

    Today was the 2nd class of 2 for a Handicapped Scuba Buddy training course. The 1st day is typical video review of the manual and this morning we took the 60 question exam. The real work was this afternoon with the pool session where we each wore blacked out masks and depended on our buddy for directions scooting around in the pool. The next was having our legs tied together and no use of our legs to learn how to help a paraplegic or amputee diver and to increase our own stress level not being able to use our legs.

    One challenge had our buddy mistakenly let us descend without controlling us with strapped legs, I found out my slightly positive fins caused my to descend doing a back flip ending up head down feet straight up water up the nose.

    One interesting requirement for HSA is the continued need to train buddy breathing (even with a blacked out mask) and a requirement to orally inflate your BCD without use of your legs.
    Or the final question is a simple regulator recovery, but in this case your a right arm amputee!

    Overall great class, many thanks to Stew from
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    That's the way I always descend.
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