Spent Saturday July 12th on the beach in the Rockaways (NYC) helping out at the Wounded Warriors Adaptive water sports event. This is a very powerful event, helpful our wounded service men and women feel the freedom we all know as divers. I had one man missing a leg, come in the morning he spent almost an hour just cruising around the pool. On his way out of the pool he asked if he could come back...we of course told him sure. After lunch he came back, telling us he brought a buddy. He and his buddy got in the pool and I had to ask them to leave when they sucked dry their tanks. The two of them are patients together in a VA hospital that offers a learn to dive program but neither would try before they had the chance with us.... I had their wives thanking me and the rest of the team not just the time we spent with them but for the smiles the both of them walked away with.

My OW dives as a Handicapped Scuba buddy has been moved to end of September.