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Thread: Is ScubaToys no longer Scubapro Authorized Dealer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scubatoysjojo View Post
    Scubapro to me has always been the "Go Hard or Go Home" kind of equipment. They have extremely nice equipment as long as you get the high end equipment but if you don't you might as well go with another brand. Their middle of the line gear is not as nice as most other brands top end and it still cost the same if not more. The lower end gear is mostly older patents that they bought off other manufacturers and stamped the big "S" on it. We have tried to deal with the brand multiple times in the past but people don't care these days about brand names as much as they do quality. I would rather carry twice as much gear with same quality for the same price.
    Think you could've told me that when I ordered the cheapest Scubapro on the site?

    Edit: nevermind. was Scuba MAX
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    SP Jet Fins are legend. That said, I've switched to Dive Rites.
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