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Thread: Lake Tenkiller

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigg_Budd View Post
    I'm in Bentonville. Lemme know if you wanna get a beer. I'll try to scrounge up wheelman as well.
    Quote Originally Posted by fire diver View Post
    This may be a bit late now, but you need to do a lot of internet work first. Beaver is a HUGE lake and your GPS will lie to you. It will telll you that you are 5 miles from a place but the road to get there will take you 30-45 minutes! All the diving is down by the dam. Staying in Bentonville or Rogers will put you about hour drive away from the diving. Eureka springs has lots of hotels and may have one that fits your needs, and it's not too far of a drive to the dam area (and C&J sports is you need tanks, fills, etc)
    Found out the hard way that GPS isn't great at Beaver Lake. I was going to print out maps but I had trouble connecting my laptop to the printer. I figured I have my phone so I can use its GPS. The GPS lied to me a few times before I even got close. I also hit a number of dead zones. My phone wasted so much power trying to find a signal that it died before I got to Bentonville. I found the maps app was using power faster than I could charge the phone. So I just turned it off, left it charging and figured I could find C&J without it. Got lost a couple more times but finally found them around 5pm. They gave me directions to the lake. I drove down to the dam and saw the day use park. By this point my phone had been charging for an hour or more so I turned it on. This is when I found out I get absolutely no signal.

    I saw the Residence Inn in Bentonville. Seems close enough to stay at. I can drive up on a Friday, stay 2 nights at the Residence Inn. I have 2 eCertificates for Marriott and I have to use them before they expire. Beaver Lake is definitely too far for a day trip from Dallas.

    I'm just getting everyone's messages now. Next time I go up it will be for a weekend and there will be a lot more planning. Then I can meet people and get a few dives in.

    It was quite the adventure but I have to say it was a really nice drive. There was a lot to see and the countryside looks really nice.

    Quote Originally Posted by fire diver View Post
    Tenkiller isn't a bad dive site, and I would think that it's a lot closer to Dallas than Beaver is. If you want to go there, I will recommend Nautical Adventures up the road in Cookson. Tim Knight is a great guy and did my OW class dam-near a decade ago (I say, I say that's a joke boy. "dam" near...) The shore diving there is from the state park by the dam. Lots of camping and depending on the site you could walk from your camp right into the water to dive. Rains blow out the vis pretty bad, so does heavy wave action from boats. I usually call or message Tim to find out what the temps and vis are like. Nautical Adventures has a facebook page too. If you go there, I HIGHLY recommend the restaurant right across from the state park. Best burgers by a dam-site!
    I actually drove past Tenkiller on my way to Beaver Lake today. Getting to Tenkiller was really easy. It is definitely close enough to Dallas that I could do it as a day trip. Thanks for the information. I'm in Dallas for a while and plan on staying every other weekend. So I'll definitely go to Tenkiller at least once just to say I did it.
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    I tried posting this yesterday, but my work computer hates the ST forum for some reason....And now I can't remember everything I was going to say.

    If you are going to dive at TK, Tim has maps of the dive park site at his shop. It's alot better than randomly swimming and hoping to find something.

    If you don't want to camp, there is an old-school travel motel behind the gas station/store/restaurant a couple blocks from Nautical Adv. It's basic, but it's clean and quiet and not expensive. Plus you can walk to the little diner for breakfast and they have good food.

    oh yeah... beaver diving.... The dive site isn't at the day-use park. When you stand on the beach there the dive area is across from you. You drive across the dam, take the first road left and then the next road left. You should see a gate and day-use fee station. Then you pass a parking area next to a boat ramp and then there is another small parking area with a trail leading down to the water. If you drive past, it just goes into a loop section for a camp ground.

    You can gear up and hike down the trail to the bluffs, or you can go in at the boat ramp. Make sure you have a dive flag, it's required while diving. If you go in at the ramp you can surface swim around to the bluffs. There are some guide lines tied to tree stumps at about 30ft in the area that will take you down to see the attractions. Many statues and similar items are not line-marked and you have to find them on your own.
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    Thanks again fire diver. I left my float & flag back in Canada. I'll have to remember to bring that down next weekend. I think the only thing I see have at home is my wreck reels and float & flag. Well my tanks and weights as well.

    They never weigh my carry-on. I wonder if I should bring some weights. I only need 8 pounds; I probably have something like 70 pounds of weights back home and it never gets used (I buy weights whenever I see someone selling it cheap). I have hard and soft weights. Maybe I'll buy some weight pockets for the soft weights, bring two 4 pound weights and I'm good to go.

    I'll be staying in Dallas September 5-7. I have some stuff happening back home which could affect my finances but depending on how things go I'll have to figure out what I'm going to do for that weekend. I'm also owed 2 holidays.
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    Yes, we do our AOW course at Lake TenKiller now. The water level, depth, water clarity, things to see, ease of camping, hot showers, proximity of Air or Nitrox fills, all play into the site. When I had the June AOW class at LTK, the vis below about 30 feet opened up to 30'-40'. Your depth can easily get to 100'+. I will warn you that it will be cold down there, you can see a temp graph from my dive computer on the Scubatoys Aquarium site on FB. At 115', the water temp was 49 degrees. It started in the upper 80's. Be prepared with proper thermal protection.

    For anyone interested, I will have the September AOW and Master Diver course at LTK. Just stop by the shop and sign up. It's looking to be a great class. If you want power and water, the camp sites just outside the ranger station entering the park all have the amenities.

    Enjoy safe diving.

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