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Thread: Tusa M-41 Freedom Quad Mask

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    Tusa M-41 Freedom Quad Mask

    Learn More about the Tusa M-41 Freedom Quad Mask

    The Tusa M-41 Freedom Quad Mask is a low profile 4-window mask that features the revolutionary Freedom Technology delivering superior fit, comfort and performance. The Tusa M-41 Freedom Quad Mask fit line, lens and frame shape are derived from the popular M-211 Freedom One. The Tusa M-41 Freedom Quad Mask comes standard with Crystal View Optical Glass lenses and is the first TUSA panoramic view model equipped with Freedom Technology.

    In addition to Freedom Technology, the Tusa M-41 Fre...


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    I really like my Splendive IV that Scuba Toys used to carry.. I like the small side windows, and the fit is just perfect. I wish I had a spare for backup. How does this Quad Four mask compare?
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    Doug B,

    The Freedom Quad Mask is very similar in style but the main difference would be the ability to remove the lenses for installing RX lenses. The Splendive IV had a removable retainer and the Quad does not. The Quad however has a much nicer silicone skirt that allows for a much softer fit and larger range of faces will fit it. The technology in the silicone has vastly expanded since the Splendive IV Days. I would say if you do not need the RX lenses and you just liked the style of the Splendive IV then the new Quad mask will do just as well if not better for you. I am a huge fan of all Tusa masks.

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