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Thread: Rescue Diver Physical Requirements

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    I will be there April 25. I am searching for a new hotel to stay at today. I am getting a little tired of Casa Del Mar. It's getting a little worn.
    I will be in Coz at the same time. Flying down on the 25th and returning the 2nd. I stay at the Park Royal because my non diving wife loves it. Actually, it is very nice and far above what I would stay at if it were just a "guys" trip.

    Also, did my rescue in 2007 at 47 years old. Loved the course. If you are heavy pick your buddy carefully as they will have to haul you out of the water a time or two !


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    Bill what outfit are you going to dive with.
    --Zeagle Eagle

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    Walking on dive boats is no joke. I had a client on the boat a few years ago who nsisted on walking to the front. At the time we were going through what we call a "washing machine" this side. Not surprisingly she took to the floor and smashed her front teeth out. Now we had a situation where no one can stand up because of the rough conditions, we had a 100m to go and we have a lady rolling around the boat. No joke.

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